Roslindale Resident Parking Melee

March 24, 2008

I am the proud owner of a Roslindale resident parking sticker, which allows me to park close to the Roslindale Village commuter rail station and buys me precious minutes in the morning for last minute chores or reading. Not the most eco-friendly practice, I know (I’m a 10 minute walk from the station). I try and make up for my driving by riding my bike to work more often in the spring and summer months.

Anyhow, I was driving to make the 7:58 AM train to Boston this morning, and was lucky enough to find a space right on the corner of Arborough Road and South Street. I parked back a little ways from the actual corner to allow good visibility and access for drivers and pedestrians turning on to South St or Arborough. I also recall something from driver’s ed about never parking too close to the corner. Another driver approached to park behind me (plenty of room for 3-4 cars in the section of curb we were on).  She stuck her head out of her window and asked if I could move up. I told her I was uncomfortable doing so, because I would be too close to the corner. She continued to try and guilt me out about it by claiming that “many people need to park here today”, and “I don’t want to get boxed in”. I pointed out that there was no one behind her, and that she could leave ample space in front to enable her to get out. I was polite…but man, she ticked me off! I wanted to say — LADY, mind your own business! It’s a public curb, and I don’t need parking lessons!

So, instead of sucuumbing to parking rage in the real world, here I am blogging about it. Does anyone know what the law in Massachusetts or Boston is about parking at corners? Is it 20 feet from the intersection?


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