Day One

February 20, 2008

I love my job. I am an HR director (generalist with recruiting responsibilities) at a professional services company located in the greater Boston area. As a way of achieving the coveted “seat at the table”, I got my MBA in 2005 so I could learn to better speak the language used by my colleagues in finance and executive management.  I often feel as if I have a foot in two worlds: HR and Business.  Each world seems to have its own jargon and priorities, and they don’t coalesce as often as I’d like.

I’m starting this blog to force myself to read more about trends in business and HR and hopefully have some good discussions with other folks interested in similar topics.

Where do I stand? I firmly believe that HR plays an essential role in helping businesses achieve their objectives, primarily through ensuring that the organization has the right talent in the right places doing the right things to achieve said objectives.  I’m often flabbergasted, however, by the array of roles and responsibilities attributed to HR by HR media outlets such as NEHRA’s Insights magazine. Did anyone catch this month’s article entitled “Too many roles for HR?”(I’d put in the link, but my membership has expired)? The list goes from party planner, corporate social responsibility advocate, recruiter to business partner. Many hats!   The HR press seems to tout the trend of the month (February it was ‘love contracts in the workplace’), but do little to tie back to the fact that HR folks need to prioritize their focus on the things that will have the greatest impact on the business.

I sometimes think these articles and publications do our profession a great disservice. I long to see more of the research and intellectual rigor that one finds in a Harvard Business Review article. SHRM seems to attempt this level, but I often find their publication lacking as well.


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